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Workshop: Critical Legal Theory? Postgraduate projects in the making.
21. - 23. Juni 2007

Titels of the papers

  • Fleur Ramsay, Universität Glasgow:
    The Magical Life of Captain Cook and the Recurrence of Sovereignty in Australia.

  • Gerardo J. Munarriz, School of Law, Universität Warwick:
    International Law's Founding Violence: the Conquest and Colonization of Indigenous Peoples.

  • Anna Farmer, Universität Warwick:
    A Politics of Conscience.

  • Toni Johnson, Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality, Universität Kent:
    Reading the Stranger: Sexuality and Asylum in the UK.

  • Emily Grabham, Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality, Universität Kent:
    Intersectionality: Traumatic Impressions.

  • Sarah Lamble, Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality, Universtität Kent:
    Queerly Up Against the System: Transgender Bodies, Legal Politics and Autopoiesis Theory. Work-in-Progress.

  • Hakeem Yusuf, School of Law, Universität Glasgow Unfurling the Blindfold:
    Transitional Justice and Judicial Accountability in Nigeria (W-I-P).

  • Christopher McCorkindale, Universität Glasgow:
    The Demos and Public Law: Legal Argumentation, Reason, and Iraq.

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