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The Schriftenreihe der ASFPG is a series of individually authored monographs sponsored by the Altonaer Stiftung für philosophische Grundlagenforschung. Publications in the series are in research areas of logic, applied ethics and legal theory.

Available via, Der Andere Verlag and the ASFPG.
If you are ordering from outside Europe we recommend ordering through the ASFPG. Send an email to with your name, postal address and order. We will then send you details for payment via Paypal. Your order will be posted (book priority) on receipt of your payment. Postage will be paid by us. Delivery time (according to where you are) is three to four weeks.

Schriftenreihe der ASFPG Band 1
Jeannine Purdy ...Just one damn thing after another: Colonialism, Economics, the Law and Resistance in Western Australia.

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Schriftenreihe der ASFPG Band 2
Uwe Petersen Die logische Grundlegung der Dialektik

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Schriftenreihe der ASFPG Band 3
Uwe Petersen Zwei kleine Schriften zur Grundlegeung von METAPHYSIK UND DIALEKTIK

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