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4. Jahrgang 2009

Beiträge einzeln:

Charlie Donahue: Dialectical Logic and Indiscrete Models

Sacha Gibbons: The Real/Trauma and Aboriginal Life-Writing

Emma Issatt: Trojan Genes and Trojan Laws: When the Polluter Doesn't Pay

Valerie Kerruish: But what's it got to do with law?

Uwe Petersen: 35 Thesen zur Grundlegung einer formalen dialektischen Logik - nebst Kommentaren

Steffen Roth: The Markets of Society - A Research Design on Trans-Economic Exchange Rates

3. Jahrgang 2008

Beiträge einzeln:

Valerie Kerruish: Imperatives of Extinguishment: Kartinyeri v The Commonwealth of Australia

Svein Anders Noer Lie: Having an Ethical Discussion About the Objects of Natural Science: The Is and Ought Distinction

Uwe Petersen: Induction and Primitive Recursion in a Resource Conscious Logic - With a New Suggestion of How to Assign a Measure of Complexity to Primitive Recursive Functions

Fleur Ramsay: The Mimetic Life of Captain Cook and Sovereignty in Australia

2. Jahrgang 2007

Beiträge einzeln:

Ragnar Fjelland: What Ought We to Know About Science and Technology?

Valerie Kerruish: Commodity Fetishism: Marx's Dialectic of Content and Form

Tarik Kochi: Violence and Negativity in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit

Uwe Petersen: Begründung der Metaphysik durch logische Analyse der Selbstbezüglichkeit

Scott Veitch: The Laws of Irresponsibility


1. Jahrgang 2006

Beiträge einzeln:

Matthias Kaiser: Defining the Precautionary Principle: Uncertainties and Values in Science for Policy

Valerie Kerruish: On Re-staging the Universal: Butler, Hegel and Contesting the Closure of Logic

Valerie Kerruish and Uwe Petersen: Philosophical Sanity, Mysteries of the Understanding, and Dialectical Logic

Uwe Petersen: Some Additions and Corrections to Diagonal Method and Dialectical Logic