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"Altonaer Stiftung für philosophische Grundlagenforschung"
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From the statute



The establishment of the Foundation may be said to constitute the intellectual legacy of three generations: that of the donor's father, a chemical engineer by profession, who sustained a life-long interest in philosophical issues, the donor himself, who read philosophy while following his main course of study in economics, and finally, the donor's son, who was fortunate enough to be able to devote himself entirely to a scholarly career in philosophy and mathematics. In the course of these studies it became apparent that today, a fruitful interaction between mathematics and metaphysics, as is to be found in Antiquity and again at the close of the Renaissance (Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz), faces the difficulty that metaphysics has long ceased to communicate with mathematics and the natural sciences.

It is the desire of the donor to work against this growing alieniation between the sciences and the humanities by fostering and furthering well-founded projects integrating mathematical-scientific and metaphysical-philosophical thought, particularly in the fields of logic, law and ethics.

Article 1

Name, Legal Form, Seat

1. The Foundation shall be known by the name

"Altonaer Stiftung für philosophische Grundlagenforschung".

It shall be an independant foundation established under the German Civil Code and shall have legal capacity.

2. The Foundation shall have its seat in the city-state of Hamburg, Germany.

Article 2

1. The Foundation shall pursue directly and exclusively non-profit making objectives as detailed in the section on "tax-favoured purposes" of the German Tax Code (Abgabenordnung).

2. Sole and immediate purpose of the Foundation shall be the advancement of knowledge and research.

3. In particular its objective shall be to support research in furtherance of the foundational and interdisciplinary study of dialectics in the fields of logic, epistemology, mathematics, metaphysics, applied ethics and law.

In order to fulfill this purpose, the Foundation shall, in particular

  1. establish and maintain a scientific database featuring source and reference material and offering open access, and maintain a web presence documenting the activities of the Foundation,

  2. conduct seminars in specialized fields crucial to the advancement of interdisciplinary research and designed for scholars of the relevant disciplines (e.g. introductory and advanced courses in mathematical logic for students of philosophy).

  3. organize and sponsor such scholarly forums/platforms (seminars, conferences, symposia - for which assistance with accomodation and travel may be provided in reasonable measure to selected participants) as support the purposes of the Foundation,

  4. maintain and make available the premises/facilities for said purposes,

  5. assign, execute and fund such research projects (by the allocation of stipends and by contributions toward printing costs) as support the purposes of the Foundation,

  6. publish such studies (e.g. yearbooks) as support the purposes of the Foundation,

  7. further and foster cooperation with other agencies, institutions and initiatives dedicated to similar purposes in Germany and abroad.

  8. Should the development of assets of the Foundation allow, the Foundation may further achieve the purposes specified under 2) by providing and maintaining a reference library servicing the objectives of the Foundation (procurement and provision of source material, i.e. primary sources, journal abstracts/excerpts, CD/ROMs etc.) and by furnishing work stations for source study and research.