Altonaer Stiftung für philosophische Grundlagenforschung

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From the statute



The ASFPG was founded by Dr Heinz Petersen in the circumstances and with the purposes set out in the Preamble to our Statute.

The donor on his ninetieth birthday
* 18th February1915   † 29th July 2013

Its aim is to further interdisciplinary research in logic, philosophy, legal theory and the ethics of science fitting within the rubric

That is, research into dilemmas in the foundations of mathematics and logic, in the authority and legitimacy of law, and in the directions and practices of science. The three centres of the Foundation reflect these research areas without precluding research crossing or combining aspects of them.

The Foundation is located in Altona and as an Altona Foundation we take an interest in aspects of Altona's past and present that touch on our research. It has its premisses in the ground floor of 27 Ehrenbergstrasse. These include a seminar room for seminars and workshops organised by the Foundation and a small library. The library collection is focussed on mathematical logic, particularly proof theory and the history and philosophy of logic and set theory. Part of the work of the Foundation will be bibliographical research and the establishment of computerised data bases to aid and guide work supported by the Foundation. The premisses are equipped and furnished to provide a pleasant, non-institutionalised work space for visitors wishing to participate in the Foundation's projects and functions.